Upcoming ChiRunning workshops & coaching

Upcoming ChiRunning workshops and coaching:

Ongoing ChiRunning individual, small group and group Certified ChiRunning workshops in Darwin only: Contact J-R directly.

ChiRunning one to one and small group sessions with Lucia in Sydney contact Coach Lucia to find out more

ChiRunning one to one and small group sessions with Maggie in Melbourne contact Coach Maggie to find out more

ChiRunning one to one and small group sessions with Sadhna in Perth contact Coach Sadhna to find out more


 Find out more about run efficiency coaching workshops specifically for run coaches and personal trainers. coachjr@vortexperformancesports.com




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 Welcome to the Official ChiRunning Australia.

At ChiRunning Australia, you learn from an experienced "hands on" ChiRunning coach with 33 years of all distances running and triathlon experience.

When you learn ChiRunning from Coach J-R, you can count on a coach who has actually "been there" ...

Run Efficient, Run with less Effort, Run Injury free.

Proven results in running faster & better through run efficiency with the expert in run efficiency coaching: Coach J-R.

Run coaches & Personal trainers: Bring out the best in your coaching by learning with Coach J-R how to use run analysis to train & develop run efficiency with your athletes.

Become a Certified Vortex Run Efficiency Instructor:

  Vortex Run Efficiency Instructor courses upon demand.


Coach J-R: Certified Athletics Australia Level 2 Middle & Long Distance track &  Cross Country coach

Coaching at Darwin Athletics Club


Coach J-R & Vortex Performance Sports
Australia's Premier & Senior Certified ChiRunning Coach 


Discover, Explore, learn ChiRunning Skills & Technique with  Coach J-R in Darwin: 

Australia's Original & First ChiRunnning Instructor Certified Coach since 2007 with 32 years of running competition experience.


Vortex continues to lead Australia in quality ChiRunning; Energy efficient & injury free runinng instruction and coaching since 2007


Vortex Performance Sports/ChiRunning Australia has Certified Instructors in Melbourne, Sydney and in Perth!


Learn ChiRunning in Sydney with Certified Instructor Lucia

Learn ChiRunning in Melbourne with Certified Instructor Maggie

 Learn ChiRunning in Perth with Certified Instructor Sadhna


 Find out how fun your ChiRunning instructors are!

Hear from Coach J-R and Lucia, letting you know where you can learn ChiRunning in a fun and educative ChiRunning workshop



Meet and hear from some of the thousand ChiRunners that enjoy injury-free and easier running now.